Marvelous McCarthyism: Many Are The Crimes

Poor Ellen Schrecker takes the hit in this market place of ideas.

From the vaults of we have a paper-mill write up of Joe McCarthy, and the quality is clear.

Why study this era?

“McCarthyism was a disgustful period in the United States where accusations of betrayal, subversion, or treachery were made against people with no sound evidence.”


“The aftermath of these activities were dehumanization that affected the all levels of the society and became a very great source of conflicts and nauseating debates in the U.S (Schrecker, 2002).”

What were the Reds up in this period?

“They are known for infiltrating into the political dynasties of most of the states in the world and planting their communist seed in them.”

No one was spared:

“The speeches from communists were regarded as friendly witnesses following the fact they disclosed a considerate number of people who were allegedly accused of holding views of the left-wing group (Schrecker, 2002). It is however believed that before the accusations were accepted, some kind of torture was inflicted to them. As a follow up, the nineteen named communists were arrested.”

Members of Congress were cowed as well:

“the nature of the panicky life they lived during this era diminished their audacity to play their role effectively. A hefty number of senators were afraid to talk against the man due to the fear that he might attack them and give false allegations against them as being communist (Schrecker, 2002).”

And American peasants were among McCarthyism’s victims:

“there were mainly very negative impacts on not only the prominent dignitaries and the working class, but also on the peasant non-working people and children.”

No word on kulaks.

   Despite the sales pitch reading like bad translation word salad, we’re assured that “You do not have to worry about grammar.”

And that touch of swank only a Brit can provide comes with a 5% markup.

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