Remembering Louis Budenz

Face Booked

Former Daily Worker Editor Louis Budenz was a star witness against Owen Lattimore, not withstanding that they had never met, and that Budenz  spent 5 years telling the FBI,  HUAC, and the Federal courts what he claimed to recall of his years in The Party without Lattimore’s name coming up.

But others recall an earlier Budenz, when he was still something of a fresh face.  His first real splash was as a government witness in the New York Smith Act case, where the feds tried to decapitate the American Communist Party and did jail most of its leaders.  Budenz was rolled out as the red renegade, the Marxist newspaper man who had found Christ, and through Him the courage to rat out former comrades.

Somebody in the CPUSA with time on their hands remembers.

An apparent  dissident tendency masquerading as  the “Official Site of the National Board of the Communist Party, USA” can think of no finer slam on the current party editor than this:

In other business Joel Wendland was presented the “Louis Budenz Award for Meritorious Middle Class Journalism” and was presented with an autographed Barack Obama coffee mug.

Wendland is popular in other circles as well, staring in the Islamo-Marxist wet dreams of tin foilers everywhere.

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