McCarthy & His Ism: Who Coined The Phrase That Paid?

Stuck On Himself    

Hats off to the kids at, who’ve dug up a charming old interview with our favorite villain, Senator Joseph McCarthy.

In tonight’s episode, Joe is put on the spot, asked if Owen Lattimore invented the term “McCarthyism.”

At first he agrees, but then remembers to never pass up an opportunity to slander, and wanders into claiming variously that the Daily Worker first used it, or did so simultaneously with Lattimore [gosh, whatever might that imply?] before settling on the tale that “forty top Communists” met in New York and decided the name.

This was a period when most of the CP’s leadership was under indictment, under arrest,  or engaged in mysterious missions abroad.  The idea of forty meeting in the early 50s to discuss talking points about McCarthy is laughable.

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