Lattimore Limited Time Offer!

Attorney For The Damning 

Owen Lattimore is charged with Contempt of Congress, and you are there!

From now till April 30 a somewhat educational web site is offering free access to its many videos, most of them old newsreels and 50s interview show kine scopes.

Among the treasures on display is an interview with Robert Morris, McCarran Committee Counsel, just as the Senate Internal Security Sub-Committee unleashed its 1952 report claiming Lattimore perjured himself.

In the Committee’s investigation of the Institute of Pacific Relations Lattimore was interrogated for 12 days, a record which may still stand.   From this the Committee, and later the Eisenhower Justice Department, drew 7 counts against him.

The indictment failed, dismissed by the federal courts despite the legal craftsmanship of boy prosecutor Roy Cohn, who had run the Lattimore grand jury fresh from helping convict the Rosenbergs, but before his service with Senator McCarthy.

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